hip-hop is fucking dead…the radio stations only play the most bastardized pippy-poppy stereotypical haneous bullshit that makes me want to belt out words that are better left unsaid.

words that would be better to die so they can silently fade from our collective memories.

It isn’t just hip-hop, though.. its all getting watered down…pop punk is an oxymoron!

and… guttoral singing (sp?)….seems a functional oxymoron, as well.

and the lyrics have 0 imagination!

listen to nirvana’s unplugged and that stupid fucking popular linkin park album..

“buut its like they’re singing to me… they know how I feel!”


they know how angsty people feel.. and how to capitalize on that.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m either doing something creative or something for money…there isn’t any meshing of the two. artistic creations are an act of desire… expressive materialization of an emotion that lacks the ability to be easily construed by simple antilateral thought.

When that emotion is transferred from a willful desire to a necessary desire, the music reflects that difference… and you get pop fucking radio.

capitalize on urban struggles? modern hip-hop.  I GOT POCKETS LINED WIT PLATINUM!

oh,  also.. they capitalize on sub-par educational institutions and those people falling through the proverbial cracks. They know the terminology is relatable and there is the desire for money. sup, Gs?

Check out some reggie watts, blackalicious, cee-lo green for some real hip-hop.

punk modernly? rise against seems rather decent.. bad religon is still making music, too! nofx can be a little nerve racking… but the lyricism is outstanding!

If i must listen to the radio…I prefer something without lyrics because otherwise it is just going to force me to want to xjump from the moving vehicle in which i am probably a passenger.

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